AirMiles™: Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Airblue's Frequent Flyer "AirMiles" Program?
Like many airlines, we offer a Frequent Flyer Membership. AirMiles™ make it possible to reward our most loyal passengers with discounted airfares and special offers. Every time you fly, the mileage that you travel is reflected in your AirMiles account. You may redeem your AirMiles once you have earned 6,000 Miles.

How do I earn AirMiles?
You must be a member of our Frequent Flyer program and have a AirMiles account. Every time you complete a flight we will automatically credit your AirMiles account with the miles traveled.
   Your Frequent Flyer number must be entered along with your name at the time you make your reservation.
   If your FF# is not entered with your reservation and displayed on your eTicket, you may contact Airblue within 60 days of your flight, and the miles can be rewarded to your account at that time.

How many AirMiles do I need to redeem for travel?
You must have a minimum of 6,000 miles before you can redeem for travel. Redemption charges are as follows:

Frequent Flyer Mileage Redemption Levels:
Domestic Travel
One Way
Round Trip
6,000 miles
12,000 miles
International Travel
One Way
Round Trip
8,000 miles
16,000 miles
NOTE: Redemption of AirMiles provides for 100% discount on the base fare of your ticket and surcharges. Applicable taxes and airport fees extra.

How do you keep track of my AirMiles?
Our systems update your AirMiles within 14 days after you have completed a flight. We track all travel for which you have provided your membership number.

May I see how much I have?
Absolutely. Simply log in to your account online or call us at 111-247-258 and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

When will I receive my membership card?
Membership cards will be sent out automatically. To receive a membership card you must earn at least 2000 miles.

Mileage Requirements:
Basic Level:
_1,000 miles (free with signup)
Regular Level:
_2,000 miles
Platinum Level:
20,000 miles < Premium Service Level

How many miles will I earn for each trip?
Miles are earned based on the distance between loactions.

Sector Rewards
Dubai Al Ain
Khartoum Abidjan
Lahore Abidjan
Lahore Amman
Sharjah Amman
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
Lahore Bujumbura
Islamabad Bujumbura
Luton (near London) Bournemouth
Islamabad Burgas
Luton (near London) Burgas
Islamabad Dammam
Karachi Abu Dhabi
Berlin Castle Donington
Valencia Castle Donington
Luton (near London) Castle Donington
Lisbon Ankara
Karachi Ankara
Geneva Ankara
Istanbul (IST) Ankara
Zurich Ankara
Zurich Geneva
Khartoum Islamabad
Mombasa Islamabad
Islamabad Islamabad
Amman Islamabad
Nyala Islamabad
Dammam Islamabad
Bujumbura Islamabad
Monrovia Islamabad
Nairobi Islamabad
Istanbul (SAW) Istanbul (IST)
Islamabad Istanbul (IST)
Lahore Istanbul (IST)
Karachi Istanbul (IST)
Jeddah Jeddah
Islamabad Kiev
Istanbul (IST) Karachi
Geneva Karachi
Castle Donington Karachi
Abu Dhabi Karachi
Amman Karachi
Luton (near London) Karachi
Ankara Karachi
Bournemouth Karachi
Muscat Karachi
Karachi Karachi
Nyala Khartoum
Monrovia Khartoum
Lahore Khartoum
Abidjan Khartoum
Islamabad Khartoum
Istanbul (IST) Kaunas
Karachi Kaunas
Istanbul (SAW) Karachi
Sharjah Karachi
Shannon (County Clare) Karachi
Sofia Karachi
Zurich Karachi
Lahore Lahore
Khartoum Lahore
Abidjan Lahore
Amman Lahore
Istanbul (IST) Lahore
Bujumbura Lahore
Peshawar Lahore
Multan Lahore
Nairobi Lahore
Sofia Lahore
Ankara Lisbon
Karachi Lisbon
Castle Donington Luton (near London)
Valencia Luton (near London)
Bujumbura Mombasa
Karachi Muscat
Multan Multan
Lahore Multan
Bujumbura Nairobi
Lahore Peshawar
Lahore Monrovia
Khartoum Monrovia
Karachi Istanbul (SAW)
Geneva Sharjah
Castle Donington Sharjah
Abu Dhabi Sharjah
Karachi Sharjah
Shannon (County Clare) Sharjah
Islamabad Salalah
Istanbul (SAW) Shannon (County Clare)
Toulouse Sofia
Islamabad Tashkent
Islamabad Nyala
Salalah Nyala
Lahore Varna
Karachi Zurich
Kaunas Zurich
Ankara Zurich
Lahore Sialkot 70
Sialkot Lahore 70
Peshawar Islamabad 88
Islamabad Peshawar 88
Karachi Nawabshah 122
Nawabshah Karachi 122
Islamabad Faisalabad 155
Islamabad Lahore 163
Lahore Islamabad 163
Multan Islamabad 255
Islamabad Multan 255
Quetta Multan 268
Gawadar Karachi 303
Karachi Gawadar 303
Rahim Yar Khan Karachi 307
Karachi Rahim Yar Khan 307
Lahore Rahim Yar Khan 328
Rahim Yar Khan Lahore 328
Quetta Karachi 368
Karachi Quetta 368
Islamabad Rahim Yar Khan 397
Rahim Yar Khan Islamabad 397
Quetta Islamabad 430
Islamabad Quetta 430
Karachi Multan 450
Multan Karachi 450
Quetta Lahore 452
Lahore Quetta 452
Nawabshah Lahore 517
Karachi Faisalabad 570
Faisalabad Karachi 570
Lahore Karachi 634
Karachi Lahore 634
Peshawar Karachi 678
Karachi Peshawar 678
Islamabad Karachi 699
Karachi Islamabad 699
Karachi Dubai 738
Dubai Karachi 738
Sharjah Multan 1029
Multan Sharjah 1029
Dubai Multan 1040
Multan Dubai 1040
Karachi Dammam 1087
Dammam Karachi 1087
Muscat Lahore 1125
Muscat Islamabad 1125
Islamabad Muscat 1125
Lahore Muscat 1125
Dubai Peshawar 1141
Sharjah Peshawar 1141
Peshawar Sharjah 1141
Peshawar Dubai 1141
Peshawar Abu Dhabi 1210
Abu Dhabi Peshawar 1210
Islamabad Sharjah 1211
Islamabad Dubai 1211
Sharjah Islamabad 1211
Dubai Islamabad 1211
Faisalabad Abu Dhabi 1217
Abu Dhabi Faisalabad 1217
Dubai Lahore 1234
Sharjah Faisalabad 1234
Sharjah Lahore 1234
Lahore Dubai 1234
Lahore Sharjah 1234
Faisalabad Sharjah 1234
Islamabad Abu Dhabi 1270
Abu Dhabi Islamabad 1270
Lahore Abu Dhabi 1310
Abu Dhabi Lahore 1310
Dammam Lahore 1526
Lahore Dammam 1526
Riyadh Peshawar 1614
Peshawar Riyadh 1614
Istanbul (SAW) Manchester 1672
Manchester Istanbul (SAW) 1672
Islamabad Riyadh 1696
Riyadh Islamabad 1696
Medina Karachi 1722
Karachi Medina 1722
Lahore Riyadh 1744
Riyadh Lahore 1744
Sialkot Riyadh 1752
Riyadh Sialkot 1765
Jeddah Karachi 1788
Karachi Jeddah 1788
Jeddah Quetta 1821
Multan Medina 1981
Medina Multan 1981
Peshawar Medina 2018
Medina Peshawar 2018
Jeddah Multan 2084
Multan Jeddah 2084
Medina Islamabad 2103
Islamabad Medina 2103
Lahore Medina 2164
Medina Lahore 2164
Islamabad Jeddah 2223
Peshawar Jeddah 2223
Jeddah Islamabad 2223
Jeddah Peshawar 2223
Lahore Jeddah 2271
Jeddah Lahore 2271
Istanbul (SAW) Islamabad 2458
Islamabad Istanbul (SAW) 2458
London Heathrow Islamabad 3777
Islamabad London Heathrow 3777
Birmingham Lahore 3818
Islamabad Birmingham 3818
Lahore Birmingham 3818
Birmingham Islamabad 3818
Manchester Islamabad 3827
Islamabad Manchester 3827
Manchester Lahore 3990
Lahore Manchester 3990
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